P. 73 upper (with art)

Paris, Musee de Louvre G209, Attic amphora by the Oionokles Painter, Hades and Persephone.


Wikimedia Commons

Jastrow, own work, 2008

Athens, National Museum 16346: Attic pelike by the Orestes Painter, Hades and Demeter.


Theoi Project

Madrid, National Archaeological Museum 11017:  Attic krater by Oinomaios, Hades and other figures.

Beazley Archive

Naples, Museo Archeologico H3091, Attic amphora by the Oionokles Painter.

See p. 67.

Reggio Calabria, Museum Nazionale Archeologico 4001: Attic Amphora Fragment, manner  of Exekias, Demeter mounting chariot, Triptolemos, Athena, Herakles, Hermes, Hades.

See p. 70.