Navigating the Site

BritishMuseumE84CroppedLondon, British Museum E84: interior of Attic red-figure cup from Vulci by Codrus Painter, with Theseus dragging dying Minotaur out of the Labyrinth in the center, surrounded by six additional exploits of Theseus

The menu sidebar on the left side of the screen is the way to navigate this web site. All the titles for the chapters in Gantz’s Early Greek Myth that have been worked on appear there. To view the supplementary materials for a page within a chapter of Early Greek Myth, click on the downwardly pointing arrow to the right of the chapter’s name. Then the sections within this chapter will appear in a drop-down menu. Choose the section of interest and click on its downwardly pointing arrow, and all the pages in this section will appear. Click on the page whose supplementary materials you wish to explore. Please note that if you click on the chapter and section headings in the menu sidebar, blank pages will appear. You need to go further into the menu to the actual pages to find the pertinent supplementary literary and artistic sources.

Pages that have artistic as well as literary sources are labeled like this: “P. 31 (with art)”. Pages with art also have a subpage that contains only artistic sources; such subpages have names like “P. 31 (only with art)”.

Your path to the page of interest will be highlighted in bold font in the sidebar, a helpful feature that serves as a reminder of just where you are in Gantz’s Early Greek Myth.

If you wish to search for a particular name on this site, go to the search box at the base of the menu sidebar. Greek spellings of names are used, as in Early Greek Myth. Consult the Index at the end of of this reference if you are uncertain about what spelling you should use.