P. 59

Homer Iliad 5.897-98:

If you were born so pestilent from any other of the gods, a long time ago you would have been lower than the children of Ouranos (translated by Aaron J. Ivey).

Homer Iliad 8.13-14:

Or I shall seize and hurl [him] into murky Tartaros exceedingly far away, where the deepest pit under the earth is (translated by Aaron J. Ivey).

Homer Iliad 14.254-61:

But you intended bad things in your heart when you stirred the blasts of painful winds upon the sea. Then you carried [Herakles} away from all his friends to the well-inhabited land of Kos. But [Zeus] woke up and was angry, throwing gods about the house, and he sought me above all others. From the air he would have thrown me unseen into the sea had Night, the tamer of gods and men, not saved me. I fled and reached her, and Zeus, despite his anger, stopped. For he dreaded to act unpleasantly towards nimble Night (translated by Aaron J. Ivey).