P. 236 (with art)

Pseudo-Eratosthenes Katast (Original Greek).

Berlin, Antikensammlung F2537: Attic red-figure cup by Codrus Painter, from Tarquinia, with Gaia and Erichthonios


Fig. 95, p. 186, from A.B. Cook, Zeus: A Study in Ancient Religion, vol. 3.1 (1940)

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London, British Museum E788: Attic red-figure rhyton by Sotades Painter with Kekrops


British Museum

JHS1887Journal of Hellenic Studies vol. 8, 1887, pl. 73

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Palermo, Banco di Sicilia, Fondazione Mormino 769: Attic black-figure, white ground lekythos by the Ampurias Painter with Gaia and Erichthonios

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London, British Museum E182: Attic red-figure hydria by the Oinanthe Painter with Gaia and Erichthonios



British Museum


Drawing by J.D. Beazley of Zeus and Gaia, from Beazley Archive Pottery Database

Munich, Antikensammlungen 2413: Attic red-figure stamnos by Hermonax with Gaia and Erichthonios



A. Furtwaengler and K. Reichhold, Griechische Vasenmalerei: Auswahl hervorragender Vasenbilder (Serie III, 1932), pl. 137

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Aristophanes, Sphekes, 438:

Oh, Cecrops, mighty hero with the tail of a dragon! (original Greek)

*Euripides, fr. 930 N(Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta, ed. Augustus Nauck [1964], p. 661):

Alas! My half is becoming a dragon. Embrace what’s left of your father, child! (translated by Aaron J. Ivey)

Frankfurt, Liebieghaus ST V 7: Attic red-figure cup in manner of Brygos Painter, with Kekropides


Annali dell’Istituto di Correspondenza Archeologica (1850), Pl.G

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