This web site is an ongoing project, intended as a companion to supplement Timothy Gantz’s Early Greek Myth: A Guide to Literary and Artistic Sources (1993, vol. 1 and vol. 2). It provides English translations of literary passages cited in Early Greek Myth that are available online, and links to the original Greek or Latin of these translations. It also provides some English translations of fragments of lost literary works and commentary on literary works (i.e. scholia). And it provides links to publications of these fragments and scholia, if these are available online; if these publications are not available online, links are provided to their catalog information at the University of Georgia Libraries.

RISDM 25-084FrontView

Providence, Rhode Island School of Design 25.084, Attic red-figure lekythos with Danae, Perseus and chest (see Chapter 10, Part I, Section 1, p. 302). Museum Appropriation Fund and Special Gift Fund. Photography by Erik Gould, courtesy of the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design.

Since Early Greek Myth has no illustrations of the thousands of Greek art works that are mentioned, this site also provides illustrations (if permission can be obtained to include them) or links to images of the art works that are cited; links to information on the art works are also supplied.

To distinguish literary passages from artistic sources, the former are highlighted in a maroon color, and the latter are highlighted in green. When a page includes artistic as well as literary sources, it bears as part of its title “(with art)”; accompanying each page containing art is a subpage entitled “(only with art)”.

The web site exactly follows the order of references to literary passages and art works in the original English edition of Early Greek Myth (1993). Thus, the literary passages and art works are arranged by chapter, section and page number in this edition. However, readers using the French edition of the book, Mythes de la Grèce arhaïque (2004), translated by Danièle Auger and Bernadette Leclercq-Neveu, can follow the citations chapter by chapter.

The site is co-edited by Elena Bianchelli, widow of Timothy Gantz and Senior Lecturer and Director of the Rome Program in the Department of Classics, the University of Georgia; and Frances Van Keuren, friend and colleague of Professor Gantz, and Professor Emerita from the Lamar Dodd School of Art, the University of Georgia. Many of the translations and links to the art works have been found by students in Elena Bianchelli’s mythology classes; these students were guided in their research by graduate assistants from the Classics Department. Graduate students from the Classics Department have also done some translations of literary fragments and commentary; they are named after the translations. Also, whoever put up the contents of individual pages is named at the bottom of each page.

If anyone notices bad links, Elena and Frances will be most grateful if you will notify us of the problem. For instance, after completing the supplementary materials for Chapter 10, Frances noticed that nearly all the links for iconiclimc were bad, requiring her to correct them throughout the chapter.

Anyone wishing to contact Elena or Frances for this or any other reason can do so through their email addresses:



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