P. 388 (with art)

Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 75-35-1: Boiotian fibula with Herakles and Hind


W.N. Bates, “Two Labors of Heracles on a Geometric Fibula,” American Journal of Archaeology 15 (1911), p. 7 fig. 4

Cerveteri, Museo Nazionale Cerite 7968: Attic black-figure neck-amphora by Timiades Painter with Herakles and Hind


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Oxford, Ashmolean Museum 1934.333: Attic black-figure plate with Herakles and the Hind


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Würzburg, University, Martin von Wagner Museum 199: Attic black-figure neck-amphora with Herakles and the Hind

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London, British Museum B231:  Attic black-figure neck-amphora near Group E, with Herakles and the Hind.


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