P. 278 (only with art)

Florence, Museo Archeologico Nazionale 4209: Attic black-figure volute krater from Chiusi (François Krater) with Centauromachy with Theseus (his name and shield preserved on upper illustration, far left)



A. Furtwaengler and K. Reichhold, Griechische Vasenmalerei: Auswahl hervorragender Vasenbilder (Serie I, Tafel 1-60, 1904), details of pls. 11-12

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iconiclimc (general view of Centauromachy in middle frieze)

iconiclimc (detail showing Theseus’ shield and name)


Side B of François Krater, with Centauromachy depicted on lower frieze of vase’s neck

Edited by Frances Van Keuren, Prof. Emerita, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Univ. of Georgia, July 2016.